Dance classes can teach a young person (or an older person) some lessons that go far beyond basic dance steps and rhythms.  Dance can also teach discipline, dedication, flexibility, compromise, healthy living routines, and commitment.  Throughout the Birmingham area, The Pointe Dance Arts dance studio has developed a solid reputation of being one of the best and most respected dance studios in the area.  If you or a family member are interested in enrolling in dance classes at a place where lessons can be taught that can reach far beyond the classroom, then check out The Pointe Dance Arts.

The Pointe Dance Arts, also known as The Pointe, has team members who have years of experience with dance techniques and routines.  From Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and many other dance types, the instructors at The Pointe are trained and equipped to teach a variety of dance movements and varying styles.  

Typically, dance students are placed in classes based on their ability, instead of just their age.  A student may be placed in the same class from one to three years, based on their ability to learn and mastery of the particular level.  The environment at The Pointe is geared to being non-competitive, because the instructors understand that each individual learns techniques at different speeds.  Care and concern for each individual dancer is a priority among the staff at The Pointe.  Furthermore, all dances, costumes, and music are very age-appropriate, because the staff makes the effort to instill innocence and good values among their dancers.  The Pointe is a family-friendly, fun, and engaging place to learn lifetime skills of dance and personal growth for everyone.

Although The Pointe Dance Arts studio does not offer classes that are meant for “competition-only” dance levels, many of the dancers do engage in dance competitions.  Students also have the opportunity to dance in functions that operate throughout the Birmingham area throughout the year.  With all of this great exposure, the dancers from The Pointe have ample opportunity to further their dance skills and showcase everything that they are learning in their dance classes.

The Pointe Dance Arts is owned and operated by Shannon Denney.  The studio is located at 1031 Brock’s Gap Parkway, Suite 265, in Hoover.  The beautiful facility has 5 large dance rooms, and each room is equipped with all of the paraphernalia that is required for proper dance education, including ballet barres, full length mirrors, and a high-quality dance floor.

Whether you, or your child is a beginning dancer or an expert, The Pointe Dance Arts studio has a place for you.  From recreational dance classes to full-throttle dance competition, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit at The Pointe.

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