Very few restaurants have such a long history as the Bright Star Restaurant.  Originally started in 1907, the Bright Star is an iconic place not only for the Birmingham area, but for the whole state of Alabama, and much of the Southeastern United States.  This restaurant has earned such a solid reputation for offering delectable dishes, as well as superior customer service, that it is well-known by most people who reside or visit the region.

If Greek-style menu items get your taste buds moving, then the Bright Star Restaurant is a place you should definitely visit.  Specialty steaks, seafood items, fresh vegetable dishes, and homemade desserts make this eating destination a one-of-a-kind treat.  Signature dishes include items such as crabmeat au-gratin, broiled seafood platter, seafood gumbo, and Greek-style chicken, snapper, and beef tenderloin.  Only the freshest meats, seafoods, and vegetables are served at the Bright Star Restaurant.

In 1907, the restaurant was opened by a man named Tom Bonduris.  He remained owner and entrepreneur until he sold the restaurant to the Koikos brothers in 1925.  The two brothers, Bill and Pete, had recently immigrated to the Birmingham area from Greece.  Today, the Bright Star is still owned and operated by the Koikos family.  In fact, the owners today are Bill’s two sons, Jim and Nick Koikos.  One or both of the owners can be found in the restaurant practically every day, as they remain very hands-on and interested in the success of their business.  

Over the past several decades, the Bright Star Restaurant has grown tremendously, both in physical space and in reputation.  One of the main reasons for their continued success is that even with such significant growth, the owners have always been able to maintain high-quality food options, as well as offering high-quality customer service.  This makes for a winning combination in the food industry.

The Bright Star Restaurant originally began with approximately 25 seats for its patrons.  Today, the restaurant offers about 330 seats.  The last additions to the restaurant were completed in 1985.  Today, the Bright Star offers a lunch menu, dinner menu, banquet menu, and catering options.  The business is thriving and should continue to thrive for many more years to come.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the fine cuisine at the Bright Star Restaurant, then head on over there soon.  It is located at 304 19th Street North, in Bessemer.  The Bright Star is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner hours.  With a wide variety of items on each menu, you will surely find a meal that pleases your taste buds. 

You can contact The Bright Star at (205) 426-1861 or

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