Kayla & Brandon Hunt with their 2 children

Brandon and Kayla Hunt opened Alabama Roofing LLC in 2014 because they saw opportunities to help people.  Most people hear “roof replacement” and immediately cringe because of how expensive a new roof can be.  What many people don’t realize, however, is that you can typically get your insurance company to cover a new roof if you’ve had any kind of storm damage.  Alabama Roofing LLC helps homeowners navigate the entire process, making it as simple as a quick phone call.

In the beginning, the most difficult part of running their business was trying to get their name out there, and letting people know that they do quality work.  Often times, roofing companies get a bad reputation because of a handful of dishonest contractors, so it’s typically an uphill battle for newer roofing businesses to establish a good reputation in the community.  The Hunts, however, have never backed down from a challenge, and have been able to establish themselves as a very reputable roofing company in the state of Alabama.  Now, 5 years later, the most difficult thing they face in running their business is managing their large staff of employees, and maintaining their excellent reputation that they have built.  Alabama Roofing LLC now employs four full roofing crews, ten claims specialists, and a full staff to assist with the administrative aspects of the business.

While there is a lengthy list of roofing companies that serve the Birmingham area, there are several reasons why Alabama Roofing LLC stands out:

  • They offer a 5 year warranty on their roofs, whereas most other companies only offer 1-2 yr warranties
  • They are in the business to help people, not to scam people or insurance companies.  
  • They’ll do the job right the first time so they won’t have to come back and fix something (although they will come back and fix something if necessary)
  • They’re honest and trustworthy, and they strive daily to set the best example they can for their kids through their work ethic and dedication to customer service

Alabama Roofing LLC is licensed by the Alabama Homebuilders Association and operates throughout the entire state of Alabama.  While 98% of their business is residential roofing services, they also do light commercial work including roof coatings and repairs.  

They are a Christian-based, family-oriented company that strives to be the most trustworthy roofing company in the state.  They put a lot of attention into their hiring process to ensure they employ the best people for the job, and they invest a lot of time and effort into training and educating their staff.  

Brandon and Kayla love where they have brought their business so far: they have continued to grow significantly each year they have been open, they have a great team of people who are invested in making their visions a reality, they are both able to work in the business as well as on the business, and they are able to spend time with their 2 children.  They want to continue to grow their company steadily by helping as many people in Alabama as possible with their roofs.  

Contact the Hunts and their team at Alabama Roofing LLC for a FREE roof inspection today by calling 205-285-9300 or by visiting http://www.alabamaroofingllc.com/


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