September of 1975 was the opening of a shop that specialized in fresh-cut meats and would still be thriving for well over 40 years.  In fact, today Mr. P’s Butcher Shop and Deli is one of Birmingham’s unique businesses where locals and visitors alike can enjoy cut-to-order meats and a wide menu of sandwiches, sides, and desserts.  Throughout the many years of service to the Birmingham area, Mr. P’s Butcher Shop and Deli has established a solid reputation for being one of the tastiest and most trusted butcher shops still in existence.

Mr. P’s Butcher Shop and Deli is located at 813 Shades Crest Road.  It is open for business 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and the hours are 8am-6pm.  Charles Pilleteri is the entrepreneur who started the shop.  He began his career with the advantage of having a long background of food-related skills, due to the opportunity he had of working in his family’s already established food-related business.  His grandfather, Charlie, was the owner of the Supreme Super Market which operated from 1934-1990 and served the Birmingham area, also.  Along with Charles’ grandfather, father, and uncle, Charles learned how to manage a shop effectively and work diligently while working in the family business.

Once Charles completed his own college degree, he decided to open his own business.  Hence, the birth of Mr. P’s Butcher Shop and Deli.  The shop is well-known for its’ homemade sausages, beef brisket, bratwurst, steak and bacon hot dogs, stuffed pork chops, and the many items on their menu list.  In addition to offering delectable sandwich options, the shop also offers party trays and a fine dessert menu, which includes Mr. P’s famous homemade banana pudding.

One of the items that makes his cuts of meat taste so delicious is the addition of marinades and seasonings to the meat.  Mr. P’s Butcher Shop and Deli has their own brand of marinade and seasoning that they sell within the shop, as well as selling other brands of local favorite spices and sauces.  Whatever your taste buds find appealing, Mr. P’s will be sure to please.

This iconic business is more than just a butcher shop or sandwich shop.  Mr. P’s business is a unique eating establishment that also sells souvenirs and some grocery items, too.  If you are looking for something to eat for breakfast or lunch, then you will find a lot of options on Mr. P’s menu, or if you just would like to pop in and pick up some meat and accompaniments for your own creation at home, then your selections are wide with a nice assortment of meats and other items. 

Contact Mr. P’s at (205) 823-6136 or and be sure to stop by and try any of their delicious sandwiches or meats.  You can thank us later!

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