Did you know that Royal Cup Coffee and Tea that is based right here in Birmingham actually has roots that began under another name?  The Royal Cup Coffee and Tea business was originally called the Batterton Coffee Company.  The original company was started by a man named Henry T. Batterton.  The year was 1896, and Mr. Batterton would sell coffee right from his horse-drawn carriage to residents and visitors in the Birmingham area.

Batterton’s coffee was remarkably received by many patrons.  It was so delectable and flavorful, that many people dubbed it as coffee that was meant for someone who was of “royal” blood.  Around Birmingham, Batterton Coffee Company became popular for being the company that offered their customers a “royal” cup of coffee.  For many decades, the company enjoyed great local success and popularity.

In 1950, the Batterton Coffee Company was purchased by another coffee-focused entrepreneur.  His name was William E. Smith.  Mr. Smith decided to change the name of his newly-owned coffee company to Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.  Today, the business is still owned by the Smith family.

After the coffee company fell onto new ownership, the company began to grow and spread beyond the Birmingham area.  The company has grown so large, that it is now one of the most well-known coffee distributers around the world.  Royal Cup Coffee and Tea is a company that takes pride in their high-quality products, their hospitality, and their customer service.

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea company is one of the leading providers of coffee and tea beverages to food service establishments, business offices, and hotels around the country, the North American continent, and throughout the Caribbean.  The company is well-established as a leader of fine-quality coffees and blended teas.  They also offer cold brew coffees, bottled iced teas, and a full line of other tempting beverages.  

Throughout the Birmingham region, the Royal Cup Coffee and Tea company offers local delivery for any establishment that they provide services for, as well as 24/7 excellent customer service.  The home office is located at 160 Cleage Drive, and they are open Monday-Friday.

Although this is a company that began very humbly in the back of Mr. Batterton’s wagon, the excellent taste of the coffee, and other beverages that were added, along with acquiring a strong reputation for superior customer service, has helped the company maintain its success over many decades.  The Royal Cup Coffee and Tea company is nowadays a popular name associated with delicious beverages that is known by people everywhere.  The company has a motto that states, “Serve Them Well”.  It appears that this company definitely has mastered the art of serving well, with their fine drinks and their high-quality industry standards.

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea can be reached at (800) 366-5836

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