Although large chain companies might have a lot to offer consumers all across the country, most of them lack the uniqueness and individuality of a smaller, local business, and they do not always have everything that a person is looking for.  This can be true for all types of businesses, such as retail shops, restaurants, and home service companies. 

Most people have heard the encouraging words of local businesses to “shop locally in order to improve the local economy”, however, there are many more reasons why you might want to consider spending your hard-earned dollars in local business locations instead of the larger chain companies.  Below, you will find other ideas to consider when thinking about where you go shopping, dining, or who you’re going to call to help you with a particular service.

  1. Support the local economy.  When you spend money in a locally owned business, you are helping the money stay within the local community, which will help to strengthen the local economy overall.
  2. Receive a personal touch from local business owners.  Local businesses are owned by community members who want to provide customers with attentive service and friendly interaction.  Smaller business owners and employees tend to be quite invested in the products they sell; therefore, they are able to tell you a lot more about the product or service they provide.
  3. Good practice for the environment.  Local businesses require less transportation needs than the big-box chains because their overhead is less and they are often supported by other small businesses or regional farms/storage warehouses.
  4. Maintain the uniqueness of your community.  Local businesses are what make your area individualistic and unlike any other town or community.  Supporting your local businesses will help them stay afloat and available for everyone to enjoy.
  5. Local businesses are good for non-profit organizations.  Non-profit groups in your community statistically receive much more support from local companies than they ever do from big chain retailers.
  6. Easier availability.  Local businesses tend to have shorter wait times and provide more personal attention to their customers, which saves you a lot of time and stressful situations.
  7. Community members should support one another.  When you invest in local businesses, you are supporting people in your community and they will offer their support and appreciation right back at you.
  8. Put your tax money to good use.  A lot of taxes that are paid by local businesses help to support local schools, roads, emergency personnel, and other local assistances.
  9. Exclusive offerings.  Local businesses often offer goods and services that cannot be found in any of the big box chains.  These products or services can be very pleasing and/or beneficial for the customer.
  10. Support the future of your community.  When local businesses thrive, then so does the local community.  Supporting local businesses is what makes your community unique and different from all of the other places in the country.

As we always say, when you purchase from a local business you’re not putting money into a wealthy executive’s bank account…you’re helping a neighbor pay their power bill.  

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